Jeremy Fish’s “Yesterday and Tomorrows”

I’ve always been inspired by Jeremy Fish and his precise line-art styled illustrations. In my youth I was engaged in the Skateboard culture, one of which Fish was and still is heavily involved in. So I had seen his artwork on boards and t-shirts and posters etc. It wasn’t until early High School, when I was introduced to Juxtapoz Magazine that I had stumbled across a couple articles of his. My appreciation for his artwork grew more and more over the years.

Jeremy has a new exhibition opening at FFDG in San Francisco in August 2014. His show will feature a collection of over 100 drawings that span his 20 years living in the City by the Bay. With a collaboration of Juxtapoz, Fish is taking his 100 drawings and creating an animation that will be projected on public space in the City for passersby to see as part of a moving-mural experience. I’m excited to see what this will look like. Above is part 1 of the six-part short-video series put out by Juxtapoz.

Jeremy Fish

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